Private Label

Promote your brand, expand your portfolio and provide great values with your own label on award-winning wines!

Distributors, multi-state chains, wine clubs, music events and restaurants have all sourced premium wine through Owl Ridge Wine Services’ Private Label program – many of which have gone on to win awards and get great reviews.

We produce and source quality wines from our well established network of suppliers to find the product you are looking for, vintage after vintage.

  • Use your label or one of our approved designs
  • Large and small lots with consistent supply
  • Great wines at each pricing tier
  • We supply wine to your specifications
  • All varietals, all California regions – and beyond
  • Our friendly staff provides assistance all the way

Please view our marketing deck as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF – or take a look at our brochure, below.

For a detailed overview of our private label program, including packaging formats, MOQs, fees and other aspects, please see Private Label Wines: How Does It Work?

Click an image to view our label gallery.